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Created by online publisher GuidePoint Media LLC, SageERPWire.com brings the Sage community a new approach to the online publication of news, analysis, product information, and industry best practices.

SageERPWire.com is an editorially independent online publication. We believe the Sage customer base and partner ecosystem are doing exciting things related to the evolution of the product line, advances in the partner channel, and the customer journey over the next few years.

GuidePoint Media also publishes MSDynamicsWorld.com, a leading independent online publication for the Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM community. We are bringing our expertise in enterprise software journalism to the Sage community with the goal of delivering professional quality reporting and unique analysis that customers and professionals can’t find anywhere else.

SageERPWire.com is more than just a blog. We hold ourselves to a professional standard of writing and reporting that differentiates us from other sites. We send our reporters to conferences, cover product releases, interview thought leaders, and keep our readers updated on the latest industry trends. We also work with expert contributors to deliver our readers unique access to product and industry knowledge and viewpoints that deserve to be heard.

Want to learn more about contributing to the site as a subject matter expert? Contact our editorial director, Jason Gumpert, to learn more. Learn more about our editorial team here

In addition to our independent reporting, SageERPWire.com provides opportunities for vendors in the Sage channel to boost their brand identity, communicate a powerful message, and reach their online marketing goals. For example, the site’s resource center for branded content from solution providers in the Sage ERP, CRM, and HRMS spaces. We’ve designed the resource center to help Sage customers and consultants quickly navigate based on the Sage products they care about, as well as filters for industry and business need. Solution vendors in the Sage space have created profile pages on the site and have uploaded a range of content including white papers, case studies, and solution brochures. Readers can download those vendor materials and reach out directly to vendors to learn more about products, pricing, or to ask any other questions.

If you are interested in creating a vendor profile and promoting your digital content, contact our sales team.

We at GuidePoint Media are excited about the future prospects of Sage, the evolution of its products, and the growth of its customer and partner ecosystem. As the site matures, we look forward to growing and expanding our coverage and offerings to give readers a source of valuable content that they can’t get anywhere else.

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